Dad taught us right

We’re in the final countdown preparing for CAPSULE! Tonight Melissa and I spent a ‘Girl’s Night’ making a late-night run to Home Depot (ah…feel’s just like undergrad..)

I spent a lot of time today thinking about how lucky I am to have a father who’s a real handyman. As a child I thought there was nothing that he couldn’t fix. Toys and computers were made brand new after mere moments on his workbench. When I got older I realized the key to his success is that there was nothing he wouldn’t learn how to do. Whether it was carving, pottery, carpentry, kitchen remodeling or fixing something under the hood- He was always patient, thoughtful, and tenacious. He measures twice and cuts once. It’s because of him I know the importance of having the right tool for the job, and that mistakes have clear solutions if you keep your cool and think a project through.

Tomorrow I’ll begin building displays for next week’s show, all the while knowing it’s his example that gives me the confidence to take a stab at something new.



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