Behind the Scenes of Capsule Prep

I want to extend a huge thank-you to everyone who came out to CAPSULE this past weekend. It was refreshing to see so many familiar faces, and invigorating to be introduced to so many more! We’ve got some really lovely photos to share from the event, but first we need to get you up to speed on what went into preparing for our very first show. One of the great things about preparing for an event like this is that it forces you to sit down (or rather, run all over the place) and really make sure your business has everything up to speed. A short list of things I was forced to evaluate includes but is not limited to:

  • Website and Facebook: Are they up to date?
  • Photography: Have you taken high-res photos of one-of-a-kind pieces that may be sold that day?
  • Marketing Materials: Business Cards? Post Cards, Line Sheets
  • Displays: How do we present our work in a unique and intriguing way?
  • Inventory: Creating, recording, and pricing new pieces
  • Customer Base: Have you let all your friends and followers know this is a great time to come see your latest work?
  • Tool Kit: Assemble all things needed for that day’s event: including the canopy, tables, table cloths, credit card reader… you get where I’m headed with this.
I’m happy to say that I was able to evaluate each of these things as I ramped up for the event this past weekend, although I did learn that some things needed a lot more attention than I had been giving them. I invite you to check back as I share more here on the website, including new collections and updated photography for a number of stunning pieces.
And now, I’m happy to share the creation of our jewelry displays! Jenny and I started with large, single pane reclaimed windows which we found at Urban Ore. These would become the top to our display cases that would later be hinged onto a bottom case. We fashioned the bottom cases out of some beams from Home Depot, and nailed a thin wood bottom.
CapsulePrep 1

CapsulePrep 2

Next the interior or the cases needed a few coats of stain. This delicious coppery brown color looked so great against metal that we decided to leave it plain. CapsulePrep 3 CapsulePrep 4 CapsulePrep 5 CapsulePrep 6 Then the exterior or the cases and windows needed a fresh coat of paint. I had a strong suspicion that the layers of paint on the old window frames were lead based, so I opted out of sanding them, adding to the ‘rustic’ finished product. After a few days and multiple painting sessions, the tops and bottoms were ready to be joined together and cleaned up for their debut. CapsulePrep CapsulePrep 7 The final chore was to decide how we would display some jewelry outside of the cases. We had picked up half a dozen reclaimed wooden drawers and envisioned using them to generate some vertical interest. Be sure to check the next post to see the final product!

CapsulePrep 8


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