Classic Solitaire

I’m so pleased to finally share the first of many top secret projects that have kept me busy these past few months. John was beginning his ring search for Carolina when a mutual friend brought us together. He was friendly and enthusiastic from the moment we met. John came to visit me during CAPSULE, where we talked about his thoughts and he got a feel for my work. We quickly began corresponding through email to hash out all the details. We learned that his design style is clean and sophisticated, and wanted a ring that reflected that. Together our goal was to find him the best quality we could that stayed true to his aesthetics.

John’s dream ring consisted of a beautiful diamond that was also conflict free. We were fortunate to find him a stunning round hearts and arrows diamond with all the certificates. We then selected a sleek 4 prong mounting that fit the style and proportions John desired. The completed ring is timeless. A classic piece of jewelry with their own personal touch.

E166 1

E166 2

E166 3

Now all that was left was for John to ask Carolina that very important question! The two set off on a vacation together this past October. Sailing through the Bahamas with friends left John no shortage of scenic places to choose from. With turquoise waters and remote beaches all around, every spot seemed quite beautiful, but John wanted to find a place that was perfect. He shared with me afterward the only tricky part in planning this dream proposal:

“There were of course, some logistical concerns with carrying a ring around on a sailboat for 10 days.  I became a little nervous because well, rings sink, and I found myself surrounded by ocean every day, so I bought a foam floating keychain and kept it chained around the ring at all times.  Finding a good spot to propose wasn’t difficult because each day had beautiful scenery, but finding that “right” spot took a few days of scouting while carrying the ring in my the pocket of my swim trunks.”

Finally the spot was selected, the moment came, and friends were waiting in the wings with cameras. Carolina and John were so kind to share the photos below with me, as the special moment unfolded.



Many thanks to the happy couple for including me in their love story.

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