Lloyd + Breigh

Working with creative couples is always a treat for me. It inspires me to push the limits of my designs, explore working with new materials (peach gold anyone?) and create truly custom pieces that leave run-of-the-mill adornments in the dust. This summer I began work on some custom wedding bands that fulfilled everything jeweler daydreams are made of.

When Lloyd and Breigh reached out to me to craft custom wedding bands, I could not have been more excited. Breigh is the fashion forward media maven behind Minx Boutique in Asheville, NC; Lloyd, a long-time family friend whom has always impressed me with his high fashion and live performance photography. Together, they are a design savvy, active, and adventurous couple that in every-possible-way embody the clients I dream of seeing my jewelry on.

For our cross-country design consult we discussed via email the styles, shapes, and precious metals they envisioned for their final rings. The surface they sought was right up my alley: organic, wabi-sabi facets that repeated over the full circumference of the band. Since the designs relied so heavily on a tactile pattern, I carved a handful of samples in lieu of simple sketches. We had 3 variations on the pattern in both mens and womens silhouettes. These 6 rings were then shipped from my coast to theirs for Lloyd and Breigh to select their favorites.




The finished rings were cast in 14k peach gold, an alloy with a delightfully subtle and warm hue that looked incredible with their skin tones. And their ceremony? A gorgeous, mountainside wedding aside with fireworks and fireflies adorning the night sky. Fitting, right?


Special thanks to Lloyd and Breigh for this amazing opportunity, to Paola Nazati Photography for the stunning photos of the couple together, and to Lloyd for photographing the sample rings!


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