Fiat Lux, San Francisco

If you’re in search of edgy, limited production jewelry by Bay Area designers, my advice to you is think small.

Small, as in, the under 300sq ft boutique Fiat Lux, affectionately known to its fans as “the littlest”. In addition to being a showcase for some of my major jewelry crushes (i.e. Voce KeenLauren Wolf). They also feature stellar statement pieces from the likes of Fathom and FormSheila B., and Hart Variatons. Every inch of the shop is filled with fascinating adornments, each as intricate as the last.

Owners Marie McCarthy and Alexei Angelides opened their doors in 2011 with a mission to showcase local fashion and jewelry from independent sources. As if small-batch clothing and deadstock sunnies weren’t enough temptation to stop in for some retail therapy, a conversation with these fascinating owners might be the nail in the coffin. Marie is also the owner of San Francisco based tattoo shop Rose Gold’s, while Alexei is wrapping up his doctorate in Philosophy from Stanford. Together in their ‘downtime’ the couple wield torches and hammers to create their in-house line of jewelry, also named Fiat Lux. You’ll absolutely adore them.

Keep an eye on the littlest for a soon-to-be unveiled vintage jewelry offering and new Fiat Lux fall exclusives from each of its designers, including yours truly. And for an inside peek at the latest baubles in their shelves, follow them on instagram and twitter @fiatluxsf.

Fiat Lux

218 Church Street (@ Market) 

San Francisco, CA


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