All’s Well on the Home Front

The last month and a half has been jam-packed with business and plans, family, friends, travel and love. It’s not often I let myself fall off the grid, but these weeks have been so worth it.

Over the last few months a number of major milestones have come to fruition. I left my day job, wrote a business plan, and also planned and executed one incredible wedding. The month of May was a complete whirlwind. I found myself writing and working round-the-clock, crafting DIY projects as well as my usual metal fare, and coordinating a memorable San Francisco experience for friends and family. I loved every minute of it.

Along the way I’ve accumulated some great stories, perspective and photos to share in upcoming posts. I’ll introduce the personal touches we planned and crafted for the wedding, share info on our rockstar vendors, and reveal the original jewelry made to mark the event. The inspiration and reflection gained during our Hawaiian honeymoon are sure to make an appearance in upcoming collections.

Again I must thank the friends, family, and supporters who make these great achievements possible. My heart is filled with optimism and gratitude thanks to you.

And now, I’m back to work.

[All photos courtesy of Chaz Curry]