Giving Thanks

This year my list of things to be grateful for has reached epic proportions. My heart is overflowing. To my family, my friends and my fans: I am at a loss for how to illustrate just how much your support has helped me grow.

Since I can’t have each and every one of you at my dinner table tonight, I’ll raise a glass to you in spirit. It’s you who deserves credit for these opportunities I am so lucky to have. It has been an incredible year and from the bottom of my heart, I am so thankful.

Wishing you all a joyous day with your loved ones.


Giveaway: Pin it to Win it!

I am so very thankful to you, my fans, followers, and friends, who have made 2013 such a breakout year for my collection. Now it’s time for me to give back. Introducing the first of my holiday jewelry giveaways: Pin it to Win it!


I’m giving away this glorious pair of flare teardrop earrings this December. Just pin the image above on any Pinterest board with the hashtag #CoreyEganGiveaway2013 between now and December 10th to enter. Winner will be announced December 11th.

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A Rarity: Studio Visit & Interview

Kate Ellen, owner and curator of Crown Nine in Oakland, CA, believes that an appreciation for handmade goods is forged when consumers can meet the people behind the products. This connection is deepened when they see how their favorite things are made. So naturally, catching the artist in their studio is the most insightful place to look. From sketches, to tools, to the very surfaces they work on, a peek behind the curtain shows us not only their expertise but the muse for each covetable item.

Kate is such a strong believer that she has set out to bring this story to you. Each of Crown Nine’s artists have created a limited edition of exclusive jewelry for the shop known as A Rarity. As these designs were underway, she ventured into the shops each jeweler to give you a glimpse into who we are and what we do. Each month a new exclusive design is released paired with an  interview with Kate and a visual studio visit by photographer Eva Kolenko (whose handiwork you’re seeing below)
The result is truly something special.

Catch my Rarity AVAILABLE NOW at Crown Nine’s website along with a stellar interview and photo tour of myself in action.

For more on the Aspen Bounty Earrings created for this project, check out this blog post!

Rarity by Corey Egan for Crown Nine Photos by Eva Kolenko 10801262815

Rarity by Corey Egan for Crown Nine Photos by Eva Kolenko 10801418934

Rarity by Corey Egan for Crown Nine Photos by Eva Kolenko 10801510603

Rarity by Corey Egan for Crown Nine Photos by Eva Kolenko 10801295206

Rarity by Corey Egan for Crown Nine Photos by Eva Kolenko 10801509223

Rarity by Corey Egan for Crown Nine Photos by Eva Kolenko 10801263215

Like what you see? Hop on over to Eva Kolenko’s site for more photo magic.

A Rarity: Crown Nine Exclusive Aspen Bounty Earrings

Below you can see the Aspen Bounty Earrings for Crown Nine’s limited edition project, A Rarity, come to life.  The initial wax carving was captured in this quick video (previously posted) followed by images of the fabrication and finishing once the piece was molded and cast in sterling silver. I’ve created only ten pairs of these earrings, so grab them before they’re gone!

Rarity 1Rarity 2Rarity 3Rarity 4Rarity 5Rarity 6Rarity 7


DIY Wedding: Bridal Party Jewelry

My favorite thing about wedding planning was the DIY elements, and hands down the most important of those was creating jewelry for the people I love.  I aimed to make beautiful, unconventional items that they would feel comfortable wearing on any occasion. I designed them to be precious without being too flashy. The palette of grey, black & gold harkened to my love of mixed metals and my own grey diamond engagement ring. Each piece was a nod to our vision and our style.

So without further delay, here’s the items I created for friends and family to wear on my wedding day.

Corey-Egan-Wedding-Jewelry 6

Groomsmen, Fathers, and Groom
Tie bars crafted from hammered sterling silver with burnished or oxidized finish. Each has a 3mm grey rose cut diamond set in a 14k yellow gold bezel. Corey-Egan-Wedding-Jewelry 1

For regular width ties there is a 2.5″ standard size. For narrow ties, a 2.25″ length.

Corey-Egan-Wedding-Jewelry 2

Corey-Egan-Wedding-Jewelry 9

Shield chandelier earrings made from oxidized silver with millgrain edges, 14k yellow gold accents and earwires, faceted grey quartz briolettes

Corey-Egan-Wedding-Jewelry 7

Grey quartz and black spinel faceted rondelle necklace with handcrafted 14k beads, 14k yellow gold pendant with twinkling white diamond, and 2″ extender chain with final gold ring. Paired with grey quartz and 14k yellow gold teardrop earrings (not pictured)

Corey-Egan-Wedding-Jewelry 8

Maid of Honor
Convertible necklace/bracelet. 70 inch long necklace can be worn as a triple layered necklace or a multi layered wrap bracelet. Includes twelve hand formed 14k yellow gold beads, black spinel, grey quartz, and a 2″ extender chain with gold end ring.

Corey-Egan-Wedding-Jewelry 10

14k yellow gold dangle earrings with 3mm grey rose cut diamonds.

Our wedding bands, as many of you know, were created by Ryan and I together. We’ll highlight the creation of these significant pieces in their very own post. Stay tuned!

Inclusions Gallery

South of San Francisco’s Mission District, tucked up on the side of Bernal Hill, lies the hidden gem of a neighborhood Bernal Heights. Don’t let it’s steep streets and sweet residential vibe fool the eye. Bernal boasts a lively shopping district along Cortland Avenue, complete with gift and book shops, bars and my personal favorite, jewelry galleries.

Inclusions Gallery is the neighborhood spot for jewelry and gifts. At first glance, the jewelry lover in me was drawn to the necklaces and rings on display by Deborah Caperton and Owen McInerney. But after meeting the owner and curator Lisa Moro, I learned so much more about this shop and it’s mission. Lisa takes great care to pair this strong selection of artisan jewels with her rotating selection of artist exhibitions.

One thing you’ll quickly learn about Lisa: she loves her neighborhood. Over the years she has watched Cortland Ave bloom. She gushes over her neighboring businesses and delights in finding up-and-coming local artists to feature in shop. This month, Inclusions hosts the 5th Annual Showcase of Bernal Heights residents. The exhibition features original works from over 25 local artists. An artist reception takes place this Sunday, November 3rd from 4-6pm.

This holiday I’ve joined forces with Inclusions Gallery to bring my latest designs up on the Hill. Take a trip to Cortland Avenue. You’ll be glad you discovered this gem.

InclusionsGallerySF 1 InclusionsGallerySF 2 InclusionsGallerySF 3 InclusionsGallerySF 4