DIY Wedding: Bridal Party Jewelry

My favorite thing about wedding planning was the DIY elements, and hands down the most important of those was creating jewelry for the people I love.  I aimed to make beautiful, unconventional items that they would feel comfortable wearing on any occasion. I designed them to be precious without being too flashy. The palette of grey, black & gold harkened to my love of mixed metals and my own grey diamond engagement ring. Each piece was a nod to our vision and our style.

So without further delay, here’s the items I created for friends and family to wear on my wedding day.

Corey-Egan-Wedding-Jewelry 6

Groomsmen, Fathers, and Groom
Tie bars crafted from hammered sterling silver with burnished or oxidized finish. Each has a 3mm grey rose cut diamond set in a 14k yellow gold bezel. Corey-Egan-Wedding-Jewelry 1

For regular width ties there is a 2.5″ standard size. For narrow ties, a 2.25″ length.

Corey-Egan-Wedding-Jewelry 2

Corey-Egan-Wedding-Jewelry 9

Shield chandelier earrings made from oxidized silver with millgrain edges, 14k yellow gold accents and earwires, faceted grey quartz briolettes

Corey-Egan-Wedding-Jewelry 7

Grey quartz and black spinel faceted rondelle necklace with handcrafted 14k beads, 14k yellow gold pendant with twinkling white diamond, and 2″ extender chain with final gold ring. Paired with grey quartz and 14k yellow gold teardrop earrings (not pictured)

Corey-Egan-Wedding-Jewelry 8

Maid of Honor
Convertible necklace/bracelet. 70 inch long necklace can be worn as a triple layered necklace or a multi layered wrap bracelet. Includes twelve hand formed 14k yellow gold beads, black spinel, grey quartz, and a 2″ extender chain with gold end ring.

Corey-Egan-Wedding-Jewelry 10

14k yellow gold dangle earrings with 3mm grey rose cut diamonds.

Our wedding bands, as many of you know, were created by Ryan and I together. We’ll highlight the creation of these significant pieces in their very own post. Stay tuned!


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