DIY Wedding Bands

Nearly one year ago I sat down with my future husband Ryan for an afternoon at the bench. Together we spent a few hours carving what would become our wedding bands. Each was a token from one to the other, created with love, care, and a promise to stand the test of time.

Ryan was admittedly apprehensive about creating a ring from scratch. While he’s seen my projects evolve over the years, this was his first hands-on experience creating a piece of jewelry. I walked him through each step: he sawed off the slices of wax, filed them down, and carefully carved it into its final shape. After a few trials, a few discarded bands, and far less time than we expected—Ryan turned out a darling half round band.

He described the process of creating the ring as “honest” and “simple” as compared to the digital media he’s fluent in. Each stroke with the blade was impacting something I would wear the rest of my life. That carried a special emotional weight. By gaining a feel for my craft, he felt a closer understanding of my interest and passion.

For Ryan I carved a 5mm wide faceted band with a comfort fit interior. While I’ve created many wedding bands over the years, nothing was quite like watching him slip it on for the first time.

The finished rings were cast in platinum, adorned with diamonds, and exchanged on May 25th, 2013.

corey-egan-wedding-bands 1

corey-egan-wedding-bands 2

corey-egan-wedding-bands 3

corey-egan-wedding-bands 4

corey-egan-wedding-bands 5

corey-egan-wedding-bands 6

corey-egan-wedding-bands 7

corey-egan-wedding-bands 8

corey-egan-wedding-bands 9

corey-egan-wedding-bands 10

corey-egan-wedding-bands 11

corey-egan-wedding-bands 12


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