Shade Shifter

The color change nature of this natural sapphire is nothing short of intoxicating. In daylight she shines olive green and grey. It’s subtle and sultry. Indoors, she changes her tune to a lively lilac. For me It was love at first sight.

This stone was a no brainer for the gentleman who commissioned this ring– it was mined in his home state of Montana and seemed as unique as his bride-to-be. An 18k mounting and a halo of twinkling diamonds was all it needed to be ready for her hand. He’s very happy to report, she said ‘yes.’

TabuchiTabuchi 1 Tabuchi 2 Tabuchi 3 Tabuchi 4

Square Dance

Step cut square diamonds, like those seen in this handcrafted 18k ring, have a delightfully deco feel. The original dozen were harvested from an old ring which the owner rarely wore. Step cuts are less common than their princess counterparts, so it took some digging to find just the right match for her hand cut antique stones. The finished ring feature 25 of these dazzling diamonds flush set into the golden surface.

Ring-1 1 Ring-1 2

San Francisco International Gift Fair

While I feel like I’m still cutting my teeth on the trade show circuit, I’m pretty proud of how my booth display has come along! August 2-5th I exhibited at the San Francisco International Gift Fair. I was happy to unveil a number of the new exhibiting assets I researched and acquired as of late: handsome flooring, a compact display system with freshly cut, stained and varnished wood panels, and a handful of linen displays for the brand new bridal collection. Everything went off without a hitch, and we’re adding some great new retailers to the roster this fall. Stay tuned!

A 5×10′ booth came with pipe and draped walls and lighting. In this photo I have hung banners, installed the first section of my new floors, assembled the framework for the display cases, and begun to add in the wooden paneling.

After 3 hours of load in and assembly, the booth is finally ready for jewelry on opening day.

I stained the wood panels for my display system a deep ebony color. I’m pleased that the woodgrain texture still shows through. The wood and linen displays “pop” nicely off of the ebony.

It’s opening day! Here’s a view of my booth filled with jewelry from across the aisle. Show-goers rarely stop to see the booth head on like in this photo, so  I made sure to hang my banners with enticing product photos where they would make the most impact to passers by.


Bridal Collection on display

Thank you, San Francisco Gift Fair… It was wonderful!

Studio Buildout

Studio_Buildout 20

This spring I teamed up with fellow designers Luana Coonen and Sharon Zimmerman to open a shared jewelry studio in the heart of downtown San Francisco. The 750 square foot shop is a major upgrade from my former place in the Mission district, which was a single room less than 1/7 the size. This new two-room workshop and office felt like a dream. Getting it into working order, however, was no easy task.

The two office rooms had been used primarily for storage over the last decade. Upon our first look, the shop was filled floor to ceiling with clunky office furniture, file boxes and broken printers. A few windows were cracked and the ceiling had developed a slow leak. We were determined to not let these cosmetic things deter us, so the first few weeks were dedicated to getting the shop ready for move in. Walls and ceilings were patched and painted. Carpeting was removed and laminate floors installed. We hired a plumber to pull in the necessary pipes and install a sink so we could have running water.

Then came time to move in. The shop quickly filled with our tools and workbenches. We built additional desks, shelves, and surfaces to maximize storage and give us plenty of working space.  This part of the transformation was exhausting, but so exciting. The images below show that transformation over the first few weeks. Although they’re already a few months late — opening receptions have come and gone, more shelving and personal touches have been added — this collection of photos remains a solid benchmark in the evolution of our businesses and the creation of this special environment. I hope you enjoy your peek inside.

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