100 Days of Drawing // Week 7

Ah…Yosemite! I could gush on for hours about how gorgeous this National Park is. I love that I now have a handful of sketches to remind me of my stay.

Drawing in the field was so much fun! It’s a very different experience than the more scholastic approach I take at home. The wind blows through leaves, horses trot around, clouds swirl and rainstorms swiftly move in making me grab my sketchbook and run for cover. Some drawings were far from perfect, but since there was so much material to draw it was easy to move on and sketch something better the next day. On a few occasions (Days 47 & 48) the rain was coming down too hard for me to post up in a field, so I drew from photos taken earlier in the trip. Day 49 was spent packing up camp and driving home, but that evening I honored the final day by drawing a favorite photo from our Half Dome hike.

Week 8 wraps up tomorrow. Check back Monday for even more drawings!

Day 47 // Fern Study – I would have loved to get some shading in on this one, but it takes quite a while just to sketch in the shapes for all of these tiny leaves!

Day 43 // Mule at the Stables – The problem with mules is the same with cats, only worse. They move around too much!

Day 44 // Meadow and Royal Arches – At the end of this drawing I looked up to find the meadow had filled with deer grazing before sunset.

Day 45 // Clouds around Glacier Point – By this point of the trip, the rains had began and the clouds hung low over the cliffs and waterfalls in the valley. While it made for pretty photos, it was difficult to sit outside and draw.

Day 46 // Lupine

Day 46 bonus drawing! – Pinecone

Day 47 – Snow Plant – In real life, these are a vibrant red! The look quite foreign growing out of the forest floor.

Day 48 // Mirror Lake – Drawn from a photo I snapped earlier in the week.

Day 49 // Vernal Falls – Drawn from a photo taken on our Half-Dome hike

100 Days of Drawing // Week 6

Hello friends! Thanks so much for patience. It took me longer to share these drawings than I expected. I love taking time away for vacations, but I do scramble to catch up when I return to a full inbox and a laundry list of jewelry orders. It took me a few days to finally carve out time for my blog.

I wanted to group all of my Yosemite drawings together, so Sunday from Week 6 will appear as the first drawing of Week 7 which posts tomorrow.

Without further delay… Week 6!


Day 36 // Matchbox

Day 37

Day 37 // Fresh Lemon from the tree

Day 38

Day 38 // Oxfords

Day 39

Day 39 // U-Lock

Day 40

Day 40 // Binoculars – packing these babies for our camping trip!

Day 41

Day 41 // Backpack – filled with goodies for Yosemite!

100 Days of Drawing // Week 6 update

Hello, Friends!

I can’t believe I’m already at the 6 week mark with this drawing challenge. I’m already pretty impressed with the little collection in my sketchbook, and I’m not even halfway!

I wanted to drop a line about why this week of drawings will be a little late. Thus far, I have used my Sunday evenings to take images of the last 7 drawings. I then edit and upload them to my blogging platform, and by Monday I can plug in a quick summary of my week, post, and share.

As I type this, my husband and I are heading out the door for Yosemite National Park. We visit here at least once each year. The park is so close to us here in the Bay Area, and it’s easily one of my favorite place on earth. Sadly, I’m out of time to my Sunday drawing and the whole posting routine before we leave. So upon my return, I promise you TWO amazing weeks of sketches.

I might be getting ahead of myself here, but I suspect the drawings from within the Valley will be pretty epic. Hopefully they are all worth the wait!

Happy trails, everyone!

100 Days of Drawing // Week 5

I’m excited for the bit of travel I have scheduled for the next month. After a few weeks of bumbling around my house and workshop looking for items to draw, I’m itching for some new material. The things I figured would make lovely still life scenes, such as wine glasses or coffee mugs, just seem stale in comparison to melted wax, lush leaves or soft bristles. This discovery has me re-assessing my lineup of reference material. It’s time to hit the road with my sketchbook in tow!

 Day 29 // beeswax candle and ceramic dish

Day 30 // Red wine glass

Day 31 // Fuji apple

Day 32 // Bench sweeping brush

Day 33 // Oxygen and propane torch handle

Day 34 // Denim apron

Day 35 // Tape Measure

100 Days of Drawing // Week 4

I’m posting this update a little late — sorry! This week things just turned a little bit crazy. Without further delay… more drawings!

Processed with VSCOcam with b1 preset

Day 22 // Wooden Gorilla Figurine

Processed with VSCOcam with b1 preset

Day 23 // Citrus Juicer

Processed with VSCOcam with b1 preset

Day 24 // Calcified Eastern Box Turtle Shell from the studio of Jenny Windler. 

Processed with VSCOcam with b1 preset

Day 25 // Sleeping Cameron

Processed with VSCOcam with b1 preset

Day 26 // Keys

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Day 27 // Split leaf philodendron

Processed with VSCOcam with b1 preset

Day 28 // Barnacle from my trip to Thailand