100 Days of Drawing // Week 9

Phew. This 100 day project really doesn’t let up. I originally believed it would be fun and inspiring to draw as I traveled. But as it turns out, it actually adds an extra element of stress to my vacation days (you know… on top of trying to run a business from the road.)

Forgive me if I’m sounding a little negative today, but I’m really frustrated at 64 days in. I’m too far along to back out without feeling guilty. And yet this jewelry season is picking up and I’m struggling to make time. A number of artists who also took on this project have slowly tapered off. I’m determined to see it through on behalf of all of us… but it’s bloody difficult.

But from the ‘half-full’ perspective, in just over a week I’ll be 75% done. That’s something to feel good about.

Day 57 // Sunglasses – a brand new pair for me to rock this summer.

Day 58 – Tissues – Caught a gnarly cold this week and these babies have been essential to my wellbeing.

Day 59 // Purse – It’s going to sound like I’m spendy (I mean, new sunglasses and a new bag in one week?) but I tend to buy these items and use them for an entire year or longer. This week I happened to purchase both.

Day 60 // Succulents – a quick sketch that ended up looking a little cartoony :/ My brother is getting married next month so I planted these cuties into terrarium centerpieces for him.

Day 61 // Lillies – My mother’s garden was exploding with Asian lillies this week.

Day 62 // Radiator – old faithful from my brother’s apartment.

Day 63 // Acoustic Bass – one of my brother’s many bass guitars.


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