Anniversary Wedding Set

Palladium bands and Black Diamond Fragment Ring (1)

Here’s a long overdue look at an awesome set of custom rings.

Jen and her husband Shane were married for 9 years before we met to talk about their wedding rings. They had eloped years ago, and with their 10th anniversary around the corner they began to think about upgrading their wedding set. It’s a very long story… but without Jen I would have never met my husband (It’s thanks to her that he and I ended up in San Francisco at the same time years ago). As you can imagine, I was honored to have this chance to thank her with my time and art. I’m forever in her debt!

It was important to Jen and Shane that the new rings reflected their personality. Jen has an amazing eye for design and had created jewelry of her own years ago. We had fun hanging out in my studio, talking shop and gems and tools and deciding on the perfect style for their wedding set.

The engagement ring we designed was a yellow gold version of my fragment engagement ring using a stellar black rose cut diamond. To stack alongside it, we crafted a palladium Tioga Band and incorporated some of her family diamonds into the mix. Shane’s band is a Flat Diablo Band in palladium with brushed finish and comfort fit interior.

When the rings were complete, Jen and Shane whisked away to wine country to celebrate their 10th anniversary. I wish them all the love and happiness for the years ahead.




Nick + Megan

Sometimes all you need is a subtle band to compliment your style. Meet Nick and Megan, a very dear couple who married this summer with palladium white gold bands created by yours truly. Thank you so much to the newlyweds for sharing these gorgeous photos, and mad props to their photographer Heather Jowett who capturing these dreamy pics.







All photography courtesy of Heather Jowett

AJ + Vanessa

I know I’ve been bragging a lot about my clients lately. But can you blame me? Don’t you just love their stories?? My next incredible couple hails from my hometown of Detroit.

Vanessa and AJ are my favorite example of Detroit youth and the city I know and love. Aside from being a stellar photographer who’s painstakingly chronicled her years of life in the city, Vanessa is also a teacher and an inspiring activist. Visit her blog to see how she brings the Make it Happen mantra to life on the daily. She’s founding member of CAMP Detroit: a program that gives Detroit artists, makers, and thinkers the opportunity to create inspired objects for display at DEMF and placement back into Detroit neighborhoods, and Detroit Soup: a monthly dinner that micro-funds creative projects within the city. AJ is one of the founders of OMNICORP Detroit, a hackerspace which provides the space, tools, and community for exploration and invention.

Together they are a true tour de force of the impact an individual (or dare I say power-couple) can have on a city. Our actions and attitude can and do propel good ideas forward. Since leaving Detroit a few years ago I have been following the growth of my beloved city through this couple and their incredible actions. It’s an honor that I could give something back.

AJ came to me with a very special and personal mission in mind for his ring for Vanessa. They already had an existing, extravagant engagement ring that Vanessa could wear on special occasions.  What they needed was a very personal piece she would be comfortable wearing every day. After all, the author of this article on how to properly wrap your DSLR camera within your Chrome bag so you don’t crush it when you fall off your bike is a rough and tumble gorgeous gal who isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty. The solution: A shiny gold band with hand carved shape, delicate engraving, and a subtle, special sparkle from two tiny diamonds on the side. One for him, one for her.

And now here comes the part where I swoon over the photo taken by Vanessa when they finally shared their engagement with the world. As the jeweler I know these things are coming but once that ring is on, I’m always amazed at what my couples continue to do. Together. 

Vanessa & AJ

Lloyd + Breigh

Working with creative couples is always a treat for me. It inspires me to push the limits of my designs, explore working with new materials (peach gold anyone?) and create truly custom pieces that leave run-of-the-mill adornments in the dust. This summer I began work on some custom wedding bands that fulfilled everything jeweler daydreams are made of.

When Lloyd and Breigh reached out to me to craft custom wedding bands, I could not have been more excited. Breigh is the fashion forward media maven behind Minx Boutique in Asheville, NC; Lloyd, a long-time family friend whom has always impressed me with his high fashion and live performance photography. Together, they are a design savvy, active, and adventurous couple that in every-possible-way embody the clients I dream of seeing my jewelry on.

For our cross-country design consult we discussed via email the styles, shapes, and precious metals they envisioned for their final rings. The surface they sought was right up my alley: organic, wabi-sabi facets that repeated over the full circumference of the band. Since the designs relied so heavily on a tactile pattern, I carved a handful of samples in lieu of simple sketches. We had 3 variations on the pattern in both mens and womens silhouettes. These 6 rings were then shipped from my coast to theirs for Lloyd and Breigh to select their favorites.




The finished rings were cast in 14k peach gold, an alloy with a delightfully subtle and warm hue that looked incredible with their skin tones. And their ceremony? A gorgeous, mountainside wedding aside with fireworks and fireflies adorning the night sky. Fitting, right?


Special thanks to Lloyd and Breigh for this amazing opportunity, to Paola Nazati Photography for the stunning photos of the couple together, and to Lloyd for photographing the sample rings!