A Rarity: Studio Visit & Interview

Kate Ellen, owner and curator of Crown Nine in Oakland, CA, believes that an appreciation for handmade goods is forged when consumers can meet the people behind the products. This connection is deepened when they see how their favorite things are made. So naturally, catching the artist in their studio is the most insightful place to look. From sketches, to tools, to the very surfaces they work on, a peek behind the curtain shows us not only their expertise but the muse for each covetable item.

Kate is such a strong believer that she has set out to bring this story to you. Each of Crown Nine’s artists have created a limited edition of exclusive jewelry for the shop known as A Rarity. As these designs were underway, she ventured into the shops each jeweler to give you a glimpse into who we are and what we do. Each month a new exclusive design is released paired with an  interview with Kate and a visual studio visit by photographer Eva Kolenko (whose handiwork you’re seeing below)
The result is truly something special.

Catch my Rarity AVAILABLE NOW at Crown Nine’s website along with a stellar interview and photo tour of myself in action.

For more on the Aspen Bounty Earrings created for this project, check out this blog post!

Rarity by Corey Egan for Crown Nine Photos by Eva Kolenko 10801262815

Rarity by Corey Egan for Crown Nine Photos by Eva Kolenko 10801418934

Rarity by Corey Egan for Crown Nine Photos by Eva Kolenko 10801510603

Rarity by Corey Egan for Crown Nine Photos by Eva Kolenko 10801295206

Rarity by Corey Egan for Crown Nine Photos by Eva Kolenko 10801509223

Rarity by Corey Egan for Crown Nine Photos by Eva Kolenko 10801263215

Like what you see? Hop on over to Eva Kolenko’s site for more photo magic.

Feather Pendant

Here’s a look back at a pendant I created for a client over the holidays. This project turned out to be a great example of how custom designs come to life.

  • Every piece of jewelry begins with a detailed sketch. This stage allows me and my clients to flesh out their design ideas and arrive at an aesthetic we’re both proud of.
  • The design is then translated to a hand carved wax model. This model not only serves as a 3d rendering illustrating shape and size, it goes on to become the actual piece of jewelry. Minor adjustments or additions are most easily done at this stage.
  • The piece is cast in your metal of choice. I frequently work in sterling silver, gold (14k & 18k yellow, white or rose) and palladium. Once cast the surface is finished through a series of filing, sanding, and polishing. Any hand fabricated elements are added at this stage. In the case of this pendant, we added bezels for gemstones.
  • Any gemstones are set last. Final surface oxidation or polishing is applied, and the piece is ready for wear!

feather pendant

Unique SF

You can catch me this month at the first ever Unique SF, vending alongside my comrade Jenny Windler. Entry is $10 and good for unlimited re-entry the full weekend. Don’t miss the list of to die-for-perks (including free libations, DIY workshops & limited edition tote bags) here. Bring some friends! It’s gonna be a blast!



In the Make features Christine Kesler

In The Make wrote up a fantastic interview on my friend and former roommate/studiomate Christine Kesler! The article features great insight into her artistic vision along with stunning photos of her new live-work space. And keep your eyes peeled for a number of photos featuring my chalcedony and cognac diamond ring!