A Rarity: Studio Visit & Interview

Kate Ellen, owner and curator of Crown Nine in Oakland, CA, believes that an appreciation for handmade goods is forged when consumers can meet the people behind the products. This connection is deepened when they see how their favorite things are made. So naturally, catching the artist in their studio is the most insightful place to look. From sketches, to tools, to the very surfaces they work on, a peek behind the curtain shows us not only their expertise but the muse for each covetable item.

Kate is such a strong believer that she has set out to bring this story to you. Each of Crown Nine’s artists have created a limited edition of exclusive jewelry for the shop known as A Rarity. As these designs were underway, she ventured into the shops each jeweler to give you a glimpse into who we are and what we do. Each month a new exclusive design is released paired with an  interview with Kate and a visual studio visit by photographer Eva Kolenko (whose handiwork you’re seeing below)
The result is truly something special.

Catch my Rarity AVAILABLE NOW at Crown Nine’s website along with a stellar interview and photo tour of myself in action.

For more on the Aspen Bounty Earrings created for this project, check out this blog post!

Rarity by Corey Egan for Crown Nine Photos by Eva Kolenko 10801262815

Rarity by Corey Egan for Crown Nine Photos by Eva Kolenko 10801418934

Rarity by Corey Egan for Crown Nine Photos by Eva Kolenko 10801510603

Rarity by Corey Egan for Crown Nine Photos by Eva Kolenko 10801295206

Rarity by Corey Egan for Crown Nine Photos by Eva Kolenko 10801509223

Rarity by Corey Egan for Crown Nine Photos by Eva Kolenko 10801263215

Like what you see? Hop on over to Eva Kolenko’s site for more photo magic.


Last week was a pretty huge milestone for Corey Egan Metalsmithing. COEUR LA was my very first wholesale trade show! It also marked my first show outside of the Bay Area. Below are some of the photos of my lovely booth at the Cooper Design Space, complete with brand new wooden fixtures and displays created by David Leggett.

COEUR was a relaxed, fun environment filled with incredible accessories, clothing, shoes and home goods. The show was held during LA’s fashion week on the 11th floor of the Cooper Design Space, which really was the place-to-be for fashion week shows and activities. I was fortunate to meet some incredible new retailers during this visit which will be announced in the weeks to come. Thanks for a great time Los Angeles! Until next time…








Each of my collections draws inspiration from the tactile world around us. I’m heavily influenced by minute textures and interesting patterns that emerge on natural and manmade objects. For other texture lovers out there, my 2013 collection does not disappoint. Drawn from the scales of a majestic red iguana, every inch is thoughtfully covered in luscious detail and striking contrast.

Due in stores by the end of this month, some of you may have caught peeks of the prototypes on my instagram feed. Below are photos of the encounter and resulting sketches that started it all. Stay tuned for the big reveal later this month.

Iguana1 Iguana 6 Iguana2 Iguana 2 Iguana3 iguana4 Iguana 3

Nick + Megan

Sometimes all you need is a subtle band to compliment your style. Meet Nick and Megan, a very dear couple who married this summer with palladium white gold bands created by yours truly. Thank you so much to the newlyweds for sharing these gorgeous photos, and mad props to their photographer Heather Jowett who capturing these dreamy pics.







All photography courtesy of Heather Jowett

New Arrivals


I know you are all anxiously awaiting the results of today’s display assembly, but I couldn’t resist sharing what’s new! These beauties are rose cut sapphires in delicious pastel tones. They’re large, natural colors and set within brushed sterling silver mountings. Come see them in person next weekend at CAPSULE, if they last that long!

Counting down the days to Capsule!

Counting down the days to CAPSULE!

When we first announced that we’d be participating in this fall’s CAPSULE Design Festival it had seemed so far away. But in typical deadline fashion, I blinked and it’s nearly here! My dirty little fingers have been working away on new varieties of my Fragments Collection, as well as one-of-a-kind hand fabricated designs featuring unique gemstones that will make their debut at the upcoming festival.

Please join us as we cherish the precious days of San Francisco’s indian summer, enjoying the outdoors and exploring independent designer goods. Jenny Windler and I will be at booth #50 at Octavia & Ivy, so mark your calendars and we’ll see you there!