A New Life for Old Diamonds

I’m often asked whether it’s possible to remove old diamonds from existing jewelry for use in new designs. In most cases, the answer is yes!  InclusionscustomThe eternity band above was created in partnership with Inclusions Gallery in Bernal Heights. The diamonds were removed from a client’s old pendant and re-set into 14k white gold. Using your heirloom gems preserves a sentimental element in the new jewelry I create for you. A number of previous posts (such as here, here and here) utilized diamonds from old settings which we styled into something new.

If the diamonds in your old jewelry are in good shape (without any chips or cracks) it is likely they are good candidates for reuse in a custom piece of jewelry. Based on the shape, dimension, and cuts of the diamonds you supply, a myriad of design options could be available. In most cases your old gold and platinum settings can be recycled as well.

Do you have ideas for a custom piece of your own? Contact me about bringing them to life!

Square Dance

Step cut square diamonds, like those seen in this handcrafted 18k ring, have a delightfully deco feel. The original dozen were harvested from an old ring which the owner rarely wore. Step cuts are less common than their princess counterparts, so it took some digging to find just the right match for her hand cut antique stones. The finished ring feature 25 of these dazzling diamonds flush set into the golden surface.

Ring-1 1 Ring-1 2