2015 Bridal Lookbook

The lookbook for my 2015 Bridal Collection is finally live! So much went into creating, painting, and styling this shoot. I’m very proud to share this labor of love.





You can view the full collection of images here.

[Stay tuned for a behind the scenes look at those massive watercolor paintings!]

Pear Sapphire Wedding Set



Spring has arrived, which means wedding season is in full swing!

This month Ethan and Emily, a darling Bay Area couple, tie the knot with three custom rings. The first was her pear shape white sapphire engagement ring, which I created in secret with the groom-to-be last year. He wanted a look that was classic, unique, and without the use of diamonds. We found this dazzling pear-shape white sapphire to take center stage.  The polished 14k yellow gold gave a sophisticated look, and setting the stone sideways provided a touch of interesting asymmetry.

This spring I crafted the custom fit white gold wedding band. Two more twinkling white sapphires nestle right next to her engagement ring. It’s shape reminds me of a warm embrace, and it’s charm comes from the union of two equally lovely gems. I’ve named this darling the two-lovers ring.

For him, we created a timeless classic. A 14k yellow gold band polished to a high shine with a lightly domed interior for extra comfort. Perfection.

Join me in wishing these two lovers well as they begin the next chapter in life!

Don’t Waste Diamonds

Those are words to live by, and the inspiration behind these three golden rings a client dreamed up this summer. It all began with some jewelry from an old beau. From the old pieces we harvested a plethora of diamonds that ranged from itty bitty to quarter-carat in size. The old white gold settings were recycled, and we started fresh on three fashion forward rings that she’d happily wear day to day.


1. A feminine cluster ring with bubble style bezels and the seven largest of her sparkling diamonds. 14k yellow gold.


2. A chunky, menswear inspired ring flush set with sixteen individual diamonds in a starburst pattern.  14k yellow gold.


3. A modern adjustable ring with a strong focus on negative space. Worn forward gives the look of two floating continuous bands. The reverse draws your eye to the space between left and right armatures. 14k yellow gold.

Reworking your broken or unworn jewelry allows you to treat yourself to new styles or present sentimental pieces in a whole new way. You can find out more about the custom design process here!

AJ + Vanessa

I know I’ve been bragging a lot about my clients lately. But can you blame me? Don’t you just love their stories?? My next incredible couple hails from my hometown of Detroit.

Vanessa and AJ are my favorite example of Detroit youth and the city I know and love. Aside from being a stellar photographer who’s painstakingly chronicled her years of life in the city, Vanessa is also a teacher and an inspiring activist. Visit her blog to see how she brings the Make it Happen mantra to life on the daily. She’s founding member of CAMP Detroit: a program that gives Detroit artists, makers, and thinkers the opportunity to create inspired objects for display at DEMF and placement back into Detroit neighborhoods, and Detroit Soup: a monthly dinner that micro-funds creative projects within the city. AJ is one of the founders of OMNICORP Detroit, a hackerspace which provides the space, tools, and community for exploration and invention.

Together they are a true tour de force of the impact an individual (or dare I say power-couple) can have on a city. Our actions and attitude can and do propel good ideas forward. Since leaving Detroit a few years ago I have been following the growth of my beloved city through this couple and their incredible actions. It’s an honor that I could give something back.

AJ came to me with a very special and personal mission in mind for his ring for Vanessa. They already had an existing, extravagant engagement ring that Vanessa could wear on special occasions.  What they needed was a very personal piece she would be comfortable wearing every day. After all, the author of this article on how to properly wrap your DSLR camera within your Chrome bag so you don’t crush it when you fall off your bike is a rough and tumble gorgeous gal who isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty. The solution: A shiny gold band with hand carved shape, delicate engraving, and a subtle, special sparkle from two tiny diamonds on the side. One for him, one for her.

And now here comes the part where I swoon over the photo taken by Vanessa when they finally shared their engagement with the world. As the jeweler I know these things are coming but once that ring is on, I’m always amazed at what my couples continue to do. Together. 

Vanessa & AJ