Inclusions Gallery

South of San Francisco’s Mission District, tucked up on the side of Bernal Hill, lies the hidden gem of a neighborhood Bernal Heights. Don’t let it’s steep streets and sweet residential vibe fool the eye. Bernal boasts a lively shopping district along Cortland Avenue, complete with gift and book shops, bars and my personal favorite, jewelry galleries.

Inclusions Gallery is the neighborhood spot for jewelry and gifts. At first glance, the jewelry lover in me was drawn to the necklaces and rings on display by Deborah Caperton and Owen McInerney. But after meeting the owner and curator Lisa Moro, I learned so much more about this shop and it’s mission. Lisa takes great care to pair this strong selection of artisan jewels with her rotating selection of artist exhibitions.

One thing you’ll quickly learn about Lisa: she loves her neighborhood. Over the years she has watched Cortland Ave bloom. She gushes over her neighboring businesses and delights in finding up-and-coming local artists to feature in shop. This month, Inclusions hosts the 5th Annual Showcase of Bernal Heights residents. The exhibition features original works from over 25 local artists. An artist reception takes place this Sunday, November 3rd from 4-6pm.

This holiday I’ve joined forces with Inclusions Gallery to bring my latest designs up on the Hill. Take a trip to Cortland Avenue. You’ll be glad you discovered this gem.

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Crown Nine, Oakland CA

This spring we are happy to announce our latest retailer, Crown Nine of Oakland, California!

Crown Nine is the flagship boutique of Oakland based metalsmith Kate Ellen Metals. Her shop showcases the work of 20 independent designers who are committed to crafting jewelry in small batches by hand. Among those featured are Stendhal JewelryDMD Metals, and Collette Ishiyama. As you look around the shop it’s easy to be swept up in the beauty of the bespoke items all around. The floors are hand painted, cases crafted individually from salvaged materials and their contents lovingly displayed. Meanwhile on the walls a curated collection of artwork is showcased. Each month a new selection is ushered in during the Oakland Art Murmur’s First Fridays. 

Taking the idea of limited production designs a step further, Kate Ellen and Crown Nine launched A Rarity in March. This of-the-month club calls upon it’s roster of talented designers to each craft a super-limited edition design for sale only at Crown Nine. The project highlights a different jeweler each month, with the sale of that style ending when the last of the batch is gone. What sets the collection apart is it’s insight into the designer’s creative process. Each launch is paired with behind-the-scenes photos from the artist’s studio, interviews and inspirations from which the jewelry emerged. Stay tuned for our Rarity with Crown Nine this fall!

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Zaver & Mor, Berkeley CA

This holiday my collection has made it across the Bay to it’s newest home at Zaver & Mor in Berkeley, CA. This chic gallery is located in the neighborhood fondly referred to as the ‘Gourmet Ghetto’ and is the result of years of dreaming and planning by owner Rada Sahney. Her hard work and attention to detail shows as you peruse every corner of this unique shop.

Amongst the curated selection of artisan jewelry collections (Sethi Couture,Rebecca Overmann, and Sarah Swell to name a few) you’ll also find one of a kind vintage and estate pieces hand-picked by Rada herself. This Holiday Zaver & Mor boasts the honor of showcasing ‘Estate of Grace by Bethany B’, a curated grouping of vintage jewels by designer Beth Bernstein, author of memoir “My Charmed Life” and blog B-Jeweled, both of which blend life experiences and humor with what every gal should know about jewelry.

I love the warmth, the look and feel of this gallery. A girl truly feels at home trying on jewels as unique as she is. If you find yourself in the East Bay, be sure not to miss this incredible spot. And if you’re not in the hood, you can still check out the eye candy on their websitefacebook, and instagram (@zaverandmor)

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Fiat Lux, San Francisco

If you’re in search of edgy, limited production jewelry by Bay Area designers, my advice to you is think small.

Small, as in, the under 300sq ft boutique Fiat Lux, affectionately known to its fans as “the littlest”. In addition to being a showcase for some of my major jewelry crushes (i.e. Voce KeenLauren Wolf). They also feature stellar statement pieces from the likes of Fathom and FormSheila B., and Hart Variatons. Every inch of the shop is filled with fascinating adornments, each as intricate as the last.

Owners Marie McCarthy and Alexei Angelides opened their doors in 2011 with a mission to showcase local fashion and jewelry from independent sources. As if small-batch clothing and deadstock sunnies weren’t enough temptation to stop in for some retail therapy, a conversation with these fascinating owners might be the nail in the coffin. Marie is also the owner of San Francisco based tattoo shop Rose Gold’s, while Alexei is wrapping up his doctorate in Philosophy from Stanford. Together in their ‘downtime’ the couple wield torches and hammers to create their in-house line of jewelry, also named Fiat Lux. You’ll absolutely adore them.

Keep an eye on the littlest for a soon-to-be unveiled vintage jewelry offering and new Fiat Lux fall exclusives from each of its designers, including yours truly. And for an inside peek at the latest baubles in their shelves, follow them on instagram and twitter @fiatluxsf.

Fiat Lux

218 Church Street (@ Market) 

San Francisco, CA


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Now Showing at Gallery of Jewels!

Hello All!
I’m happy to announce that starting this June you can find me, and my latest designs, at Gallery of Jewels Fillmore Street here in San Francisco! Gallery of Jewels is a unique marketplace showcasing handcrafted artisan jewelry from local, regional and international designers. With 3 locations, GOJ is able to represent over 100 artists and provide a unique selection of designers at each of it’s stores. I work for Gallery of Jewels because I believe in our artists, and I sell with Gallery of Jewels because I believe in what we do!